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    Rendering machines PFT

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    Mortar pumps and sprayers M-TEC

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    Machines for pumping and spraying mortars, mastics, bitumen waterproofing, sealing grout, multi-stage injection, interior dispersion, gap filling and much more.
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    Machines to pump and spray mortars

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    Electric generators to supply plastering and rendering machines

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Showing 1 - 18 of 66 items

What are mortar spraying machines?

In general, a mortar spraying machine is a machine that mixes the material, whether it is pre-mixed dry mortar or mortar made on site, pumps it through the product hoses and finally sprays it to the surface through the spray gun.

There are different models of mortar or render (mortar with color incorporated) spraying machines.

There are basically two types of machines.

  • Machines for the application of pre-mixed dry mortar in bags or fed by material from silos
  • Traditional mortar sprayer machines - material mixed manually on site

To choose the appropriate model of the mortar pump that best suits your needs, contact us.