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Stators and Rotors

Stators and Rotors for Plastering machines and mortar machines

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Showing 1 - 18 of 63 items

Buy your stator and rotor - choose the appropriate model from our range of stators and rotors for your spraying machine

The biggest difference between the stator and rotor models is the performance in liters per minute and the required working pressure. In addition, there are several forms of worms / stators:

1. Cylindrical shape - it is the traditional model with the greatest variety of designs. A rubber-filled steel cylinder of the opposite shape of the rotor allows to generate a certain pressure between passage and passage.

2. Twister shape - it is the improved design that consists of a uniform layer of rubber that allows the heat to be evacuated from the interior more efficiently and thus guarantee a longer useful life of the liners since this reduces wear. The most used models for plaster projection is the PFT Twister D5-2.5 model and for mortar the PFT Twister D6-3 model.

3. Adjustable - adjustable stators are stators that incorporate a clamp that allows the stator to be tightened by means of screws and thus prolong the useful life of the worm.

How can I increase the useful life of my stator and rotor?

The useful life of a stator and rotor assembly for plaster and mortar spraying machines depends on several factors, including the material used (more abrasive or less abrasive), the length of the product hoses used and the general cleanliness of the machine. . Here are some tips on how to increase the life of your sleeve and rotor:

- Keep the outlet part clean and free of obstacles

- Use the shortest length of product hose possible and regularly clean the hoses

- Use the optimal amount of water and do not work the material too hard

- Always use one stator and a rotor since both parts wear out and using the second stator with the same rotor reduces the life of the second worm by almost half

- Check the position of the rotor inside the stator, it must be flush. If it does not work in its optimal position, life is considerably reduced.

- When cleaning the machine, always use water and fairy to clean the stator and the rotor and leave it lubricated.