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Second hand plastering and mortar spraying machines

We offer a range of used second hand plaster and mortar machines. All the machines are reviewed by our technical service, they are delivered with the complete equipment to work and have a 6-month guarantee. You can find machines for spraying mortar and one coat render - such as the queen of double mixing the second-hand M-tec Duo-Mix mortar spraying machine, as well as the second-hand Plasterer PFT G4 model, the best-selling plastering machine in the world.

We also offer single phase (220V) plastering machines such as single phase plastering machine.

If you do not find your second-hand plaster machine model, contact us for a second-hand plaster machine.

What guarantee do second-hand plaster machines have?

We offer a 6-month warranty on second-hand plaster and mortar plasterers - excluding wear parts such as hoses, sleeves, rotors etc.

What is a plaster and mortar spraying machine?

A plaster spraying machine or also called a plastering machine or mortar pump is a machine that mixes materials such as plaster, mortar or one coat render with a fixed amount of water to obtain a continuous mixture and pumps it through rubber hoses to the spraying gun. In this spray gun air is added from the built-in compressor and the material is sprayed to the surface.